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Supermill - High Performance Carbide End Mills, Endmill Distributor


Customers On-The-Record

We have been purchasing an assortment of Supermills since the spring of 2008 and are very pleased with the performance of these end mills. We used the XPR series end mills in place of cobalt roughing end mills and went from 6 IPM to 36 IPM, not to mention tool life increased 10-fold. We have tested the Supermill against other manufacturer’s high performance end mills and Supermill has outperformed all the competitors. All of the different style end mills that we have bought from them have met and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to doing more business with Supermill in the future.
Wayne LaBreck
Arundel Machine Tool Co.
We at Barnes Aerospace have been doing business with Supermill for the past 20 years. Their commitment to quality, on-time delivery and pricing is second to none. They have continuously met our needs year after year and with the Supermill line of high performance tooling, they have enabled us to keep up with the ever changing environment of the aerospace industry.
Eric Whitney
Barnes Aerospace
Windsor, CT
These Supermills are the go-to end mills for our manufacturing department. Every job that we use these little monsters on, the run- times are dramatically reduced. They have amazingly long lives, they hold tight tolerances consistently and they will not break your wallet. Definitively give them a try.
Barry Space
PMC Industries
Wickliffe, OH
I’ve been using the Supermill-XP for the past few years and I haven’t found any other end mill that can outperform it. I’ve tested many other brands and they all fail to run as fast or for as long.
Bobby Clay
H & R Mfg. & Supply
Willis, TX
As the purchaser for H&R MFG & Supply, I have found that Supermill has been reliable, accurate and very pleasant to deal with. Their prices, for the quality of end mills they produce, can’t be beat.
Kevin McBride
H & R Mfg. & Supply
Willis, TX
Supermill’s SM6F outperformed any other cutter we tried. Excellent tool life, exceptional finish while holding tight tolerances for straightness. We have been very impressed by Supermill.
Mike Lazzaro
BNB Manufacturing
We ran Supermill’s SM5F ½” cutter in an Inconel operation against 4 nationally known competitors. A single part took 14 hour to fully machine. The best the others could do was to get 4 parts per tool. Supermill delivered 20 parts per tool – 5 times the tool life! That performance saved a customer for us.

In another application, we ran Supermill’s XP ½” and ¾” cutters in heat treated 15-5 Stainless against a nationally known competitor. The operation called for several different types of passes from slotting to finish radial cuts. With the competitor’s cutter, they got 50 parts per tool. With Supermill’s ½” cutter, we got 75 parts per tool and with their ¾” cutter, we got 85 parts per tool. The customer has referred us to 3 other customers who now use Supermill’s XP for all their Stainless work.
Mark Tschabold
Kalmet industries
McMinnville, OR
Just wanted to let you know that we used your 3 flute, 50° helix 5/16” end mills (Series SM3F) and the results were just great! The tool slotted 150” of Nitronic 40 going .285” axial depth and then another 300” taking a .030 deep finish pass at 3 IPM and 1000 RPM. It looked untouched. We tried a couple of your competitor’s tool and yours just blew them away!
Keith Goodrich
Crescent Aeropsace
A-1 Machining
New Britain,CT

Performance Reviews

Series XP-NB (4 Flute) machining Nickel Chrome Molly

  • A ¾” tool, [XP750RA] profiling .023” radial depth by 1.220” axial depth at 500 SFM with .004” chipload per tooth
  • Customer Comment - “The tool ran so well and for so long, we didn’t remember when we put the tool in the machining center”

Series SM5F (5 Flute) machining 422 Stainless

  • A ¾” long length end mill [SM5F750L-030] made a 0.030 radial x 2” axial profiling cut at 900 RPM and 16”IPM
  • Customer Comment - “Great finish and tools lasted forever. No one else performs even close”

Series SR3F (3 Flute with chipbreakers) machining G-3500 Cast Iron

  • A ½” diameter tool [SR3F500R] made a heavy cut on a double wall slot operation at over 80” IPM & 4200 RPM. Then the same tool made a spring pass that held the tight tolerance so well they were able to avoid a grinding operation.
  • Customer Comment - “We couldn’t make a profit on these parts by using anyone else’s tool. Supermill’s Super-Ruff [SR3F] was a job-saver and a customer saver”

Series XP-NB (4 Flute) machining Waspoloy

  • A ½” diameter end mill [XP500RA} machined efficiently in a variety of cuts at 1,000 RPM and 4.4” IPM
  • Customer Comment - “We could have pushed these harder, but we were already 60% faster and twice the tool life of the tool we were using, plus getting a better finish.”

Series SM6F-NB (6 Flute) machining Inconel 718

  • A ½ diameter end mill [SM6F500A] took a 0.025” radial x 0.750” axial pass at 200 SFM, High Speed Machining at 28 RPM
  • Customer Comment - “Never dreamed of cutting Inconel at these speeds. We made more passes, but ended up cutting our cycle time in half from our old program. Supermill’s cutter kept up and did a great job!”

Series XP-NB (4 Flute) machining Armor Plate 47-52 RC

  • Customer Comment - “I ran my old cutter at 11”IPM and after 30 parts, the tool was worn. I ran [ Supermill’s XP-NB ] at 18” IPM and have been getting as many as 60 parts per tool! Supermill has made me a lot of money on this job.”

Series XP (4 Flute) machining 17-4 PH

  • Customer Comment - “I was pretty happy with the tool I was using. We made 20 parts per tool running at 18” IPM. That was about 20% improvement over the cutter before that. Then Supermill took me to school. Their [XP Series] easily runs at 24”IPM and gets more than 30 parts per tool. We do this job all year long. The fewer tools changes and faster cycle time has been a real bonus.”

Successful Applications Reported

Series SM7F (7 Flute) machining Titanium 6Al-4V

  • A 5/8” end mill [SM7F625] took a 0.050” radial x 1” axial finish pass at 2500 RPM and 53 IPM

Series SM5F (5 Flute) machining 17-4 PH Stainless

  • A ½” end mill [SM5F500-030] profiling at 2500 RPM and 25” IPM

Series TC5F (5 Flute) machining 17-4 PH Stainless

  • A 3/8” end mill [TC5F375V-015] high speed machining at 8000 RPM and 60 IPM

Series XPVS (4 Flute) machining 312 Stainless

  • A 1/2” end mill [XPVS500-030] took a heavy cut at .200” radial x .563” axial at 2200 RPM and 27 IPM and provided exceptional tool life

Series XP-NB (4 Flute) machining Inconel 718

  • A 1/2” end mill [XP500SRA] took a stub cut with almost 50% diameter step over at 650 RPM and 4 IPM. The tool ran flawlessly and out produced the competition

Series XPV (4 Flute) machining 6Al-4V Titanium

  • A ¾” end mill [XPV750-030] roughing at 1500 RPM and 14 IPM

Series SM3F (3 Flute) machining 304 Stainless

  • A ½” end mill [SM3F500R] slotting .200” axial depth at 425 SFM and 22 IPM cutting dry. Even without coolant, chip evacuation was not a problem.

Series XPR (4 Flute with chipbreakers) machining 4140

  • A 5/8” end mill [XPR625R] milling round gun barrel stock into octagonal shape. Ran at 35 IPM and made 2,600 parts per tool.

Series SM7F (7 Flute) machining Titanium

  • A 3/4” end mill [SM7F750-030] ran at 800 SFM 83 IPM. Cutter needed to last 3 hours to finish one part. Supermill’s [SM7F] ran so consistently, they now run these parts “lights out.”

Series SM5F (5 Flute) machining 4340 Steel Alloy

  • A 1/2” end mill [SM5F500-125] ran at 700 SFM with a .035 radial step over. High Speed Machining at close to 100 IPM.

Series TC5F (5 Flute) machining 1018 Steel

  • A lab test by CNC Reporter, posted on their website in 2013
  • A 1/2” end mill [TC5F500V-030] ran at 175 IPM, cut cycle time in half and increased parts per tool by 400%