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The Essential End Mills Needed for CNC Machines

If you have a CNC machine and use it often, you’re likely to require the appropriate CNC end mill tools. It can be tempting to use traditional drill bits, but they are only designed to plunge axially (or up and down) while CNC machines are designed to cut laterally (or side to side).

Therefore, you need the most appropriate CNC milling machine bits, which should have flutes along the edge. You can find two or four flutes. Having fewer flutes can dislodge more chips from the material, which can keep the bit cooler. However, more flutes on the bit can produce a finer finish.

At Supermill, we understand that it can be a challenge to find the right CNC cutting bits for your project. There are seemingly endless options, and we have all of them.

Flute Types

You can find four primary flute types for CNC end mills tools, and each one is designed for a different finish and material.

  • Carbide-tipped and solid carbide options are suitable because they won’t dull as quickly as high-speed steel versions.
  • Straight flutes are suitable for general use and provide a quality edge for many materials.
  • Upcut/Downcut end mills are spirally shaped and can carry the chips down into the material or up and away from it.
  • A ball-nose mill has a rounded tip and is suitable for 3D tool paths.

We also offer what we call “bonus end mills,” which are those that compress or table-surface. The compression CNC milling machine bits combine the upcut/downcut end mills, which ensures a smooth bottom and top, suitable for plywood and laminate. Table-surfacing bits can surface the table faster, giving a level and smooth surface.

If you have questions about any of our CNC cutting bits, feel free to contact us because we look forward to helping you.