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Successful Applications Reported

Series SM7F (7 Flute) Machining Titanium 6Al-4V

A 5/8” end mill [SM7F625] took a 0.050” radial x 1” axial finish pass at 2500 RPM and 53 IPM

Series SM5F (5 Flute) Machining 17-4 PH Stainless

A ½” end mill [SM5F500-030] profiling at 2500 RPM and 25” IPM

Series TC5F (5 Flute) Machining 17-4 PH Stainless

A 3/8” end mill [TC5F375V-015] high speed machining at 8000 RPM and 60 IPM

Series XPVS (4 Flute) Machining 312 Stainless

A 1/2” end mill [XPVS500-030] took a heavy cut at .200” radial x .563” axial at 2200 RPM and 27 IPM and provided exceptional tool life

Series XP-NB (4 Flute) Machining Inconel 718

A 1/2” end mill [XP500SRA] took a stub cut with almost 50% diameter step over at 650 RPM and 4 IPM. The tool ran flawlessly and out produced the competition

Series XPV (4 Flute) Machining 6Al-4V Titanium

A ¾” end mill [XPV750-030] roughing at 1500 RPM and 14 IPM

Series SM3F (3 Flute) machining 304 Stainless

A ½” end mill [SM3F500R] slotting .200” axial depth at 425 SFM and 22 IPM cutting dry. Even without coolant, chip evacuation was not a problem.

Series XPR (4 Flute with chipbreakers) machining 4140

A 5/8” end mill [XPR625R] milling round gun barrel stock into octagonal shape. Ran at 35 IPM and made 2,600 parts per tool.

Series SM7F (7 Flute) machining Titanium

A 3/4” end mill [SM7F750-030] ran at 800 SFM 83 IPM. Cutter needed to last 3 hours to finish one part. Supermill’s [SM7F] ran so consistently, they now run these parts “lights out.”

Series SM5F (5 Flute) machining 4340 Steel Alloy

A 1/2” end mill [SM5F500-125] ran at 700 SFM with a .035 radial step over. High Speed Machining at close to 100 IPM.

Series TC5F (5 Flute) machining 1018 Steel

A lab test by CNC Reporter, posted on their website in 2013
A 1/2” end mill [TC5F500V-030] ran at 175 IPM, cut cycle time in half and increased parts per tool by 400%

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