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Understanding the Anatomy of Titanium End Mills

If you’re considering the purchase of titanium milling cutter tools, it is essential that you understand when to use titanium and how the end mill should look. If you are going to primarily focus on machining of titanium alloys, you need appropriate cutting tools. It’s a challenge for your milling machine and the cutting tool, so it is imperative that you choose the most appropriate end mill for titanium alloys.

At Supermill, we recommend using carbide or high-speed steel to cut titanium, though you may want to go with a newer generation of high-speed steel if you choose that option. We know that the wear resistance for carbide allows it to reach a higher cutting speed, but it comes with the knowledge that the tool could chip or fracture. It’s more brittle than high-speed steel, but it is easier to find and usually costs less than HSS.

We offer both options as an end mill for titanium alloys, so you’re sure to find what you require. That way, you have all the facts and tool options available to you before making a final decision.

Why Work with Titanium

Most manufacturers wonder why they should even work with titanium since it is a challenge to cut. The first reason is that the material can be used for luxury or high-end parts and components. Therefore, you can make more money by manufacturing titanium parts. Another reason to use titanium is that it’s more difficult to cut, so other machining shops around you aren’t likely to offer it. Therefore, you can use that as the stand-alone feature that makes you a better choice, especially for people who need/want to use titanium parts.

If you’re considering the options and think that working with titanium is best for you, it’s essential that you get the right titanium milling cutter tools. Contact us for more information today.

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