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Our company started out as a regrind shop for end mills and drills in 1990. Then, we were known as Primary Cutter Grinding. Being in Connecticut, our customers were predominantly involved in the Aerospace, Defense and Firearm Manufacturing Industries. We modified and reconditioned a lot of tools for the larger New England shops serving these demanding fields. Over the years, as a general practice, we counseled our customers and modified their tools, to help maximize productivity. Eventually, a number of our customers asked us to design and fully manufacture tools for them. We did. And with great results! That success led us to introduce our own line of high performance carbide end mills under the label Supermill in 2003.

The company has grown since, expanding our customer base across the nation. Our line has evolved as well and now includes a unique offering of Ultra Performance end mills. With geometries designed to address particular applications and deliver maximum productivity and state-of-the-art PVD tool coatings selected to best serve those applications, the Supermill brand indeed provides end mills that can outperform the competition. End mills that make a difference. End mills that deliver the performance they need to...when it truly matters.

Today, joining our already wide range of tool styles, we’re focusing our energies on several new series of tools we’ve designed for machining Titanium Alloys, Steel Alloys and Stainless Steels. Over time we’ll be adding new tool styles to our product line, targeted at the materials our customers tell us they need solutions. So please take your time to look throughout our catalog, especially the index page. Check out a few of the tool series recommended for applications you might have special interest in. Take a look at the sizes available (from stock!) You’ll not only see the breadth of our line, but also the depth!

And if you haven’t already tried our tools…. I challenge you to do so. The best proof we’re as good as we say, is on the spindle. Go to and see why we say...

When performance can count on Supermill!

Tom Hale
Supermill, LLC